About us

[About us]

*Tozin Taraz Aria started at2000.
*Tozin Taraz Aria got into the market by making various electronic devices for diffrent industries
*The company has a lot of experienced technician for projects.
Our products have very good quality and desighnes.
We give our products with suitable price and services after sale and we want to give the best scale products and services for certian and silence of our customers.
Technological transfer of prefabricated truck scale weighbridges and subseqent improvement made to the transferred knowhow by Tozin Taraz Aria with the potential demand in the domestic market and the continued need to facilitate the transporation of domestic good.
*Tozin Taraz Aria comprehensive computer system includes scale,marketing,customer services,finance,and admimistratin software.
*Resarch and Development (R&D) ha been a key department at Tozin Taraz Aria from company inception.This department has been able to undertake the studing,designing,production,installation,commissioning,and serving large and complicated systems including test balancing,dynamic weighing systems and many similar project.
*Installation of more than 6.000 truck weighbridges in Iran and other countries in mid Asia,Afghanistan,Iraq,Africa and Azarbayjan .

*We hope to have associations with iranian or international customers.

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